Processor Comparison

Core i7-870 processor comparison produces exceptional performance for challenging jobs.
Powerful New Micro architecture Eliminates Slowdown
With the Intel Core i7-870 processor, Intel technical engineers have presented a revolutionary brand new style of architecture. They replaced the leading side bus — a long time staple of processor chip design — with a brand new interconnect technology referred to as Direct Media Interface (DMI). Utilizing DMI, the Core i7-870 processor accomplishes exceptional levels of data, and may take advantage of its 4 processing cores to their greatest potential.

users will enjoy quicker and more streamlined processing than ever before. Your computer will definitely manage numerous projects as well as without the slowdown you’d knowledge about a smaller model.

Incredibly intensive programs for example high-definition media editors will operate a lot more smoothly and responsively. And you’ll be able to experience next-generation game titles without having frame rate hiccups and slowdown.

Technology Increase Efficiency
The Intel Core i7-870 processor also utilizes several other cutting-edge technologies:

* Turbo Boost Technology allows the processor to run as much as 133 Megahertz faster when it’s running under power/thermal limits.
* Hyper-threading Technology enables better use of processor resources, making the most of highly threaded software package such as media players in addition to next-generation game titles.
* Smart Cache Memory increases available Memory resources, leading to much less lag whilst multi-tasking.

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Media Editing in addition to Sharing Easier than Ever
Whether editing high-definition videos, touching up family pictures, as well as splicing up music, the Intel Core i7-870 processor provides the processing strength required. The processor’s 4 cores are optimized to keep up with probably the most sophisticated digital editing software program. Additionally , it increases DVD encoding and compression, helping you to easily share your HD home videos with everyone.

Unequaled Games Overall performance
Using the creation of next-generation video games, Computer games is more immersive than ever before. The most recent game titles are taking benefit of multi-threaded programming, permitting much more realistic graphics, physics, as well as synthetic intelligence (AI). However you will need more than just a good graphics card rich in GPU output to fully experience each one of these effects. Underlying the visual realism and advanced AI scripts are a large number of high-speed computations that your Processor comparison must process.

Thankfully, the Intel Core i7-870 processor was created specifically to handle these types of calculations. Utilizing multi-thread architecture, it has the ability to process thousands of graphical characteristics at the same time, resulting in a sleek and lag-free experience. Intel worked tightly with CryTek — the designers of the advanced gaming engine driving such game titles as Crysis and Far Cry — to ensure that players come with an dispersive as well as life like experience.

The Intel Core i7-870 processor is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

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